Tree Assessment

Trust a Professional to Evaluate the Health of Your Trees

Trust a Professional to Evaluate the Health of Your Trees

Schedule tree assessment services today in Pleasant View, Clarksville, TN & Hopkinsville, KY

Unsure whether the trees on your property are dying or thriving? Sometimes perfectly healthy looking trees could be hiding a deadly disease or pest problem. Count on Thompson's Tree Service, LLC for a professional tree assessment service in Pleasant View, Clarksville, TN or surrounding areas. We'll inspect your trees closely to evaluate their overall health.

If we find any serious issues, we'll let you know right away if a treatment plan or removal service is needed. Call today to schedule a tree health assessment on your property.

Signs your trees might be damaged

Without a proper tree health assessment, most homeowners will wait until the very last minute to remove a dangerous tree. We'll be able to catch any of the early warning signs like:

  • Excessive loss of branches
  • Foliage changing colors out of season
  • Big limbs falling off
  • Excessive breaking in the canopy
  • Mushroom or fungi growth

Mushrooms tend to grow around dead or dying trees because the soil is more fertile. Interested to know what results you might find from our tree assessment service? Contact us today to get a price estimate.